Vitality Kraut

Created for Vitality 2014


1 green cabbage (3kg)

1-2 Yellow Beetroot (200g)

1 Medium Yellow Carrot (approx. 200g)

1 Jicama / Yam Bean (250g)

1-2 Green Apples (200g)

Zest on ½ orange

Ginger (3cm piece)

Turmeric (2cm piece)

Juniper Berries (1 tablespoon)

1 Star Anise

Salt (approx. 40-50g)

2-4 additional carrot for use as a plug to hold sauerkraut under the brine

 *all quantities are approximate and can be adjusted for taste and availability

3-4* 1 ltr jars or medium crock


1.     Remove and save the outer leaves of the cabbage for later use.

2.     Remove the core and slice the cabbage.

3.     Wash and clean the carrot, grate the yellow carrot and half of the orange carrot, then slice the remaining half of orange carrot.

4.     Wash and clean the beetroot and finely chop into straws.

5.     Wash, clean and peel the Jicama and slice into straws.

6.     Finely chop the ginger and turmeric then pound the ginger, turmeric, juniper berries and star anise in a mortar and pestle.

7.     Core and dice the apple.

8.     Combine all in a large mixing bowl including the zest of the orange.

9.     Salt to taste, you do this by adding a teaspoon of salt at a time, massaging and then tasting. Slowly add the salt till you reach your desired saltiness.

10.  Massage the sauerkraut until you are able to lift and squeeze a handful and it drips its brine like a sponge.

11.  Pack firmly into clean jars, pressing down to remove air pockets and raise the brine above the vegetables. Fill to the jar’s shoulder, leaving 3-4cm for the mix to rise.

12.  Clean any excess sauerkraut that is above the brine.

13.  Place a clean folded cabbage leaf and a piece of carrot on top as a plug to hold the sauerkraut under the brine.

14.  Seal the jar and label with date.

15.  Ferment on bench top out of direct light for 7-14 days before transferring to the fridge where it will continue to ferment at a slower rate.


If there is insufficient juices for the mixture to be held under the brine, add additional 1 ½% salt brine. (15grams of salt in 1 ltr of filtered water).

 Suitable for late Winter- Spring Season

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