Fermented Cabbage & Herb Labna

This is one recipe for an abundance of Milk Kefir.


(Approx. 300gr)

*250 gr Strained milk kefir cheese   


*Spanish Onions                             

* 2 tablespoon of Fermented cabbage, pickles or any other vegetable available

*1 teaspoon of chopped rosemary

*1/2 Orange zest

* 2 tablespoon of walnuts

*1 Tbsp. Fresh Parsley

*1 Tbsp. Fresh Oregano

*Mineral salt     

*Chilli flakes

You also can use:

Fresh Oregano
Spring Onion
Fresh Thyme
Orange Zest
Fresh Basil
Fresh sage
Kefir Lime leaves
Fresh Mint
Pumpkin seeds
Chia seeds
Black or white sesame seeds       
Mediterranean herbs                     
Pink peppercorns
Garlic flakes
Fennel seeds      
Dill Seeds
Pink peppercorns             
Star Anise
Celery seeds                                                                 


1.      This is more a list of possibilities than a recipe.

2.      Clean and combine as available and to your taste.

3.      Chopped the ingredients and grind the spices.

4.      Transfer the mix to a serving bowl and sprinkle the garnish on top.

5.      You also can cover and refrigerate without the garnish in storage jars to use later and allow the flavours to develop.

The Strained milk kefir cheese can last in the fridge up to 2 months, but it will keep fermenting and the flavour will get more sour each day.

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