I am sure you can imagine that with all the delicious fermented foods and beverages that we generate food waste. Cultured Artisans is a firm believer in sustainable practices. We are compost enthusiasts. Here are a few reasons as to why we love to recycle our food scraps:

1. Waste Reduction 

Our resources on the planet are depleting, and we need to find sustainable solutions to reduce our waste. A small way to reduce your footprint and contribution of waste in a landfill. For as little as $39.90, you can start your compost journey at home. We started with a simple container next to our sink for the leftover peels or not so nice lettuce leaves. With a compost turner or shovel, we would turn our compost to aid in the decomposition of the vegetables. After a while, the worms and bugs came and started to breakdown our leftovers. Once the compost is ready, we spread it on our garden to grow the herbs and vegetables that we then get to ferment. 

2. Abundance 

Fermentation is a way that we get to preserve and create goodness from having an abundance of fruit, vegetables, and herbs. We get to create and prolong the life of our harvest through making probiotic and prebiotic foods and beverages. In this process though there are some byproducts that are not all used. To honour the process, it is pretty cool that majority of the waste can be returned to the soil. 

3. Change

In a very small but powerful way, we get to reduce the number of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and fertilisers being put on the soil. We get to create a resource that nourishes our soil by providing food for the plants, animals, microorganisms and replenishing minerals back into the soil. Compost will not be the be all and end all to heal and make your soil thrive, but it is that stepping stone to start the journey. 

So I challenge you to try and start composting your waste. Start small and grow your compost from there. Donate it to your local community garden or share it with friends. Get your hands dirty and enjoy all the joys of reducing the waste on our planet.