Cultured Artisans goes Overseas - Holst

Cultured Artisans has gone international! We were honoured to be featured in the Holst Group Team Building Program. We offered their team a jam packed four-hour session, where the team was taught about how to make bubbling kombucha, the power of having brined vegetables every day and the endless possibilities of milk kefir. With all of these hands on activities, the creme de la creme was the team's opportunity to design and create their own Sauerkrauts. This exercise showed the troublemakers, the trendsetters and the flavour connoisseurs in their team. 

The Holst Group displayed a different side to themselves when they were asked how they like to flavour, chop and second ferment their different tonics and vegetables. The most exciting discovery was the team's ability to be agile and display an extraordinary ability to problem solve under pressure. The outdoor classroom needed to be converted to an indoor set up when the English weather decided to not behave.

Our shining star, Gillian Kozicki, adapted her course to suit the wide variety of different awareness of team members including a delightful 16-year-old! She created a fun and exciting session that engaged all members of the team. One of the Directors of the Holst Group, Rebecca Chalmers, gained insight into the cohesion and enthusiasm of her team. She contributes this to the "fun culture" that they foster within their team and with their clients.

Our team has been overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and engagement towards fermenting that the Holst Group gained from their team building experience. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team and we look forward to our next adventure.