Why Ferment?

Fermented foods and beverages are estimated to make up approximately 1/3 of the human diet. Our current diet, compared with that of early civilisations is now categorised as being high in fat, high in protein with low fibre intake. Unfortunately, our highly industrialized lives has resulted in the over saturation of chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and anti-biotic chains being present in our food. Further reiterating the need for ‘good bacteria’ to be ingested back into our bodies.

Consuming probiotic rich fermented foods helps strengthen the immune system. Probiotic meaning pro-life, when consumed in the appropriate amount fermented foods and drinks can: manufacture vitamins, increase the rate of metabolism, detoxify chemicals, promote cell growth, enhance the immune and nervous systems’ function and increase the production of enzymes. 

What is fermenting?

 Fermentation is a process that utilises microbes to prepare, preserve and sustain foods that have a beneficial relationship with our digestive tract. Fermenting has been around for centuries across the globe because it just makes sense. In some ways ferments formed part of a community’s culture and identity. The skills and cultures were traditionally passed from one generation to the next. It’s time to reconnect, revive and recognise the place of fermenting in our lives.

Benefits of fermenting:

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Aids and improves digestion
Cleanse your colon
Cleanses the body
Controls sugar cravings
Eases joint pains
Excellent for treating allergies
Great blood tonic/blood building
Great way to get off conventional soft drinks
Imparts a feeling of wellbeing
Improves breath
Improves skin health
Strengthen and improves immune system
Improves skin, hair and nails
Increases energy and feeling of good health
Increases metabolism
Loaded with nutrients, vitamins and digestive enzymes
Pick me up for energy (am & pm)
Re-establishes healthy gut and intestinal flora
Rich in vitamins and enzymes