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Fermentation Workshop - Drinks

Fermenting is an ancient skill across the globe often having a significant place in a community’s culture and identity. The skills and cultures were traditionally passed from one generation to the next. It’s time to reconnect, revive and recognise the place of fermenting in our lives.

In this two day course, you will learn about the world of fermented drinks and tonics. We will examine the connected nature of fermenting to building community, overall gut health and wellbeing, focusing on the relationship with our soil, the source of our food and the responsibility for our future generations.

Permaculture is a lifestyle choice – a way of thinking, being and designing; of living in harmony with your surroundings in an ecologically sustainable manner. As an approach to life, it is logical, practical and mimics natural systems. Cultured Artisans focus on this permaculture journey is on the skills for preserving some of the produce from this lifestyle and enhancing their probiotic properties.

Consuming homemade fermented foods is all about starting small, and building diversity as confidence and experience increases along the way setting the stage for resilience, obtaining yield and reconnecting. Fermenting embraces the creativity and potential of these ancient elixirs, with a modern twist.


We aim to provide an unforgettable experience using natural abundance to create healthy foods and drinks and introducing the skills to build people’s confidence and knowledge so they can in time, add their creativity and flair to each ferment.


Fully catered, with three meals per day plus morning and afternoon tea.


Camping on site in self provided tent/camper.



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