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Family Constellations

Energenetics for a Thriving Life

In this workshop you will: 

~ Fully experience 
the power and grace of
this effective and profound process

~ "Represent":
Serve others as well as yourself,

"walk a mile in another man's moccasins"

~feel emotions run freely through your being,
nourishing and healing your neuro-circuits 
bringing wholeness to your being
and richness to your life.

~ Truly see "what is" 
 brings an authentic acceptance,
enabling a new paradigm to evolve,
in the here and now.

~ Witness the ripple effect Constellations has
within all aspects of our lives,
within our family and friends,
radiating out into our world.

~ This work is "Fractal" in nature...
What is happening in the group constellation
 is also happening inside each of us,
and in the wider group mind and society.
This is world work.

And this arises all in one day,
dedicated to simply being present,
for ourselves and each other.

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