Gillian Kozicki is the passion behind Cultured Artisans. When conventional medicine failed to keep Gillian well, she investigated alternatives, starting with whole foods and a healthy organic diet. Her love of home prepared good food and supporting good health combined when she met Sandor Katz, an exceptional fermenting culturalist at a Permaculture course they were attending in 2009 and she discovered the link between the two.

She threw herself into fermenting as an evolution of her permaculture interests. It connected so many areas of her life and quite simply, just made sense! Gillian has pursued it with vigour since and spent many hours finding a rhythm that is working and evolving for her, her family and the friends she ferments with! As word of Gillian’s results spread, so does the demand for people to know more and embrace the same benefits in an easy, simple and exciting way. This has given rise to her teaching her passion to empower others to ‘ferment to better health’. 

She has attended courses with Heidi East & Helen Padarin from Nourish-ed, Georgia Lienemann from Stirring change, Holly Davis from Food by Holly Davis and Stephen Hogwood from The 1910 Bottling Co. In 2014, Gillian attended a residential course ‘Exploring the microcosmos’ at the UK’s cutting-edge learning facility, Schumacher College. As an active reader on the topic she regularly shares information on fermenting on social media, both Facebook and Instagram.

Fermentation is a process that uses microbes to prepare, preserve and sustain foods. So the foods have a beneficial relationship with our digestive tract. Fermenting has been around for centuries across the globe. In many ways ferments formed an integral part of a community’s culture and identity. The skills and cultures were traditionally passed from one generation to the next. It’s time to reconnect, revive and recognise the place of fermenting and wholefoods in our lives.